Zwilling Four Star Knivsett

Zwilling Four Star Knivsett

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Zwilling Four Star Knivsett

Varekode: 35058 -001-001-0-T

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Zwilling Four Star Knivsæt med Magnet
Firstjernet Knivsæt indeholder.
Urtekniv 10 cm.
Tomatkniv 13 cm.
Forskærerkniv 16 cm.
Kokkekniv 20 cm.
Aluminums knivmagnet 45 cm.


Creating a Chef's Knife with a seamless synthetic handle was a revolution in 1976. ZWILLING turned the concept into a recipe for success and a timeless classic of the highest quality. Each individual knife is an example of how steel and synthetic substance can be optimally combined to create a high-quality cutting tool. Hardness 57 HRC, cutting edge 35°